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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I know I have been pretty quiet lately..

And one would think that is because I am so busy. But quite the opposite is true, LOL! I have been veggin' hanging out, and enjoying some down time. DD is a terror, and acting soo very 2, that we rarely leave the house anymore, for fear of tantrums and break downs *mine and hers*

So, what is she doing now you may ask?

She can sing her ABC's, albeit you have to understand Danielle speak to understand what she is saying.

She can name Earth, Saturn, the moon, and Mars on sight. She is still working on Neptune and Venus, but in her defense they do look an awful lot alike!!

She sleeps through the night, mostly. She still wakes up, but no more num-nums!! WHOOHOO!!

She went potty in the potty, once on Halloween.

She loves playdoh, and is currenly playing with it, hence the moment to make a few posts..

I guess that is all for the moment.

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