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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Guys you drool over, but

probably shouldn't...

Taken from another board that I sometimes read. I am sure we all have crushes on someone that others would go "ewwww!!" Here are mine, feel free to add yours to the shoutbox!

Alan Rickman ~ Yummy in Prince of Thieves!
Harrison Ford ~ So much older then me, and sooo stoned, LOL!
Hugh Grant ~ Okay, so he slept with a pro, I am sure he's still a nice guy!
Harry Potter ~ Yes, the movie character, I know, too young ;)
Johnny Depp ~ Well, I think most would agree with this one, but specifically Jack Sparrow or he's character from Sleepy Hollow, I like 'em pale and bad!!
Anthony Stewart Head ~ But he's gotta wear the glasses!
John Cleese ~ Remember A Fish Called Wanda? Still get's me hot and bothered
Tim Roth ~ Yeah HoneyBunny!
Sting ~ Tantric yummies!
Kevin Smith ~ with or without Jay!
Trent Reznor ~ Nine inch what??? Yummy!
Spike ~ With his scary face on
Geoffery Rush ~ From Quills crazy
Captian FeatherSword, and Anthony Wiggle ~ Gives a whole new spin to children's programing
Alan Cummings ~ Wow, too many thoughts to even be able to write them down

Goodness I could go on and on! Do ya all think any less of me now?? LOL!!

Come on! Share your secrets.

And Jessica, Hugh isn't a secret! LOL!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was the only one who drooled over captain Feathersword! LOL