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Friday, November 12, 2004

A discussion I had breifly with Tiffiny today..

got me to thinking about making a list of all the interesting places that I have nursed. I am going to list for both of my children, cause Michael has some good ones too :)

Pirates of the Carribean ride (Michael)
Haunted Mansion ride (Danielle)
During Captian Eo at Disneyland (Michael, and he actually slept!!)
The Greatest Show on Earth (Danielle, and she slept through the last half!)
Sesame Street (at the show today!)
Shamu Show at Sea World (Danielle)
Standing in line at the grocery store (lots of times with Danielle, gotta love a sling)
Barnes and Noble children's section (both!)

I am sure there are tons more, I will add them as I remember.

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