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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Homeschool Planner Blues..

I am going crazy trying to find just the right planner for our new school year. Half of me wants to just order this one from Etsy:

But I have a hard time spending $20 on myself, when I can probably create something from a composition book and some markers.. 

I have not needed a paper calendar for years now, but I want a more flexible way to document the children's learning this year, and while I love the Homeschool Helper App, I want to be able to just jot things down then transfer them to the app to create reports for the children's charter school. 

I am thinking some pictures cut from my old Doctor Who magazines, some washi tape and a bit of work and I can make a usable planner, from a $0.50 blank composition book from Target.. 

It's super difficult to find the perfect homeschool planner, a huge percentage of them are religious for one, I don't need a bible verse a day or a space for planning my bible readings. 

So what planner do you use?

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