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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

It's Back to School time again!! (2013-2014 Curriculum)

While the sounds of children screaming, "NO, NO SUMMER IS NOT OVER!!" gently waft through the air, homeschool parents fancy lightly turns to thoughts of curriculum. And here at the Gist Academy for Gifted Youngsters we are stocking up on school supplies and the mail carrier keeps bringing packages of shiny new books! With out further adieu, our curriculum for 2013-2014* 

Jack-Jack, age 7, 2nd Grade-ish

Explode the Code ~ Continuing on from where we left off, supplemented with lots and lots of easy reader books
Moving Beyond the Page ~ ages 5-7
Math Mammoth ~ Finishing up 2nd grade (light blue series) and moving on to 3rd grade as appropriate
Real Science Odyssey ~ Life Science, finishing up what we missed last year, then moving on to Earth and Space
He will also be continuing with the enrichment classes through our charter school, Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center, and Occupation and Speech Therapy weekly. 

Danielle, age 11, 6th Grade-ish

Moving Beyond the Page ~ ages 9-11
Winning With Writing ~ We started this one over the summer to touch on some of the mechanics of writing that I felt she was missing. 
Math Mammoth ~ Finishing up 5th Grade, and moving on to 6th Grade as appropriate
Real Science Odyssey ~ Biology 2 we are about half way through this, so we will finish this up. 
Elemental Science Earth Science & Astronomy ~ We will be moving to Elemental Science once we finish Biology 2
Plus the enrichment classes offered through our charter school, Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center

Both Children Together

History Odyssey Middle Ages Level 1 ~ Finishing this one up!
History Odyssey Early Modern Level 1 ~ Then on to the next time period! 

That's the plan for now, as usual, we'll see how things go and make adjustments as we go along

* (subject to change with out warning, warning: may contain traces of nuts, Do not use around pets, Be kind - Rewind)

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