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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Have some "adult" fun this Halloween ;)

Spooky. Sexy. Fun. Happy Halloween from EdenFantasys!
(This post is about fun adult things)

Around this time of year everyone starts to think about who they want to be for Halloween.. Maybe you have an adult party to go to, or you're having an intimate affair for two, EdenFantasys has you covered in style! And right now they are offering selected styles at 20% off! 
Heidi Ho, is a beer girl, but it reminds me of that great scene in Charlie's Angels! 

Maybe you are in more of a Fairy Tale mood, why not be a princess in your own fairy tale?

Or do you lean more towards the darker side? A little True Blood maybe? The Fang Bangin' Fun Vamp is just perfect for a night at Bon Temps.

And of course, EdenFantasys doesn't forget the men out there.. Check out this Sexy Sailor Boy costume! 

EdenFantasys isn't all just toys and costumes this Halloween season. They have a great community that they have built. And they are having Halloween themed contests! Check out the Sex Shop of Horrors contest! You could win a $300 gift basket! And check out the Eden's Haunted Carnival! All Halloween day starting at 10am check out all the opportunites to win Eden Points which you can trade in for gift cards!  So check out EdenFantasys for all your sexy Halloween related needs :)

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