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Monday, September 03, 2012

The grand opening of Danielle's Day Spa

Danielle's 10th birthday was last week, and for her birthday party we did a spa day for her and two of her friends! 

 We started out with pedicures, the girls soaked in cupcake scented water, and got a good scrubbing with raspberry scrub. 

 While their feet were soaked and scrubbed, I painted on their facials (fresh strawberries, greek yogurt and honey, the extra of which I froze and used for smoothies today, LOL) and of course cucumbers on their eyes.. 

 The painting of the toes :) 

 My besties lending a hand! 

 After the DH BBQ'd up some super yummy hot dogs and we all ate till we were stuffed, Danielle opened her gifts. 

She was super pleased with the Minecraft purse that DH and I got for her from my friend Kristn's Etsy Shop

10 years.. where did the time go? 

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Anonymous said...

What a cute idea for a birthday. I love it!