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Sunday, July 29, 2012

You may have noticed

Or, maybe not if you are reading on an RSS Reader, but up there, up at the top, there is a new name on this blog. I have officially changed the name to Beckie Tetrault (dot) Com. As I am the Co-Host of a FAMOUS new podcast, Savvy Homeschool Moms, I felt it was was time to make my presence in the interwebs world more official. As such, I thought Spookiez Spot was a bit childish and non-nondescript, and did NOT suit my new look. Both URLs will still work to get here, so no worries about that :) 

Oh, and for anyone keeping score, this is officially my 1,500 blog post!! YAY!!


Saint Schizophrenia said...

Well, look at you, you're a grown up now! ;)

William R.D. Wood said...

It's okay, I guess.

Looking good and with the podcast, sounding good too! Wow!