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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare was upheld as constitutional this morning..

Now I am an un-apologetic supporter of Barack Obama, have been since day 1. I know he hasn't held up to all his promises, and he's made some mistakes. But in my personal opinion, he was, is and will be the best man for the job at this time in history. 

And today, one of the best things he has done, Health Care Reform, has been upheld by the Supreme Court as constitutional.. (pause for happy dancing)

Now I am one of those who are blessed to already have really, really good health insurance. But it hasn't always been this way. I went many years with no health insurance, and was just lucky that I never had any major medical problems. But I did have minor ones, where I had to beg my family for money, or sell my possessions to pay for a dr visit or prescription. The only saving grace I had was a county program to pay for my birth control, where I at least one a year saw a dr, got my blood pressure checked, and basically had a physical like thing, before they gave me my shot. 

I understand that there is a fear that extending health insurance to those without it will make everyone have to wait longer.. You know what, I am okay with that.. I am willing to be inconvenienced so that my friends, my family and people I don't know from Adam, can have coverage too. 

Curious about how it will effect you? Check out this handy tool!

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