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Thursday, April 28, 2011

To the dozen or so Harley Enthusiasts riding south on the 99 this morning..

Let me offer you a few tips on how to share the road..

1. To start our list, I quote Wil Wheaton.. Don't be a dick. Really, if you can just remember to follow #1 the rest will fall into place.

2. Don't expect me to see when you signal a lane change with a flick of your wrist, below your waistline, while you're still lined up with my passenger door. It ain't gonna happen, no way am I gonna see that.

3. Just because you can fit into a space doesn't mean you should. Yes, I get that 4 wheelers need to be more attentive when motorcycles are around. But in the end, you need to remember that I have seatbelts and airbags and you don't.

4. Don't spread out your little band of merry men and take up all three lanes of traffic and then slow everyone down to 60 in a 70 zone. Usually if we're on the freeway, it means we are headed somewhere and while you may have time to screw around on a Thursday morning, doesn't mean we all do.

5. Save your airshow quality lane change maneuvers for another time. Yay, I'm super impressed that y'all can change lanes, but seriously, I got somewhere to be and not only does your lane changing further slow me down, I'm fairly sure it increases your risk of wiping out.

-- Posted From Wherever I May Be in Time and Space

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