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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Using Social Networking to be a better parent??

We have all heard the horror stories of parents who have become addicted to various social networking sites, games and such, to the neglect and detriment of their families. While these stories, which I won't regurgitate here, are awful to read, they show only one side of social networking, the extreme negative side. There is a positive side, and social networking can be a useful tool to help yourself and others become better people and parents.

Sometimes parents feel they are all alone, with no where to turn for help, advise, or even just a friendly word or two. With the advent of social networking, we now have a 24 hour a day coffee shop, where we can pop in when we need a word or two, and reach friends and family from across the globe at the click of a mouse. I think back now at the nights I spent alone with a newborn, just the glow of the TV for company. If I had had Facebook back then, I could have reached out to others who for what ever reason may have also been awake at 3am for a little companionship!

Also, the ability to get information out to others is greatly improved now that we have our friends and family just a click away. Debates and conversations can take place among people that previously might never have even met one another, and their only point of contact is you. You never know when something you post might just fit the situation of another, who you may not even know! You post something, your friend reposts and somewhere across the globe someone else's life is improved!

Offering support, advise or even just a friendly :) to others is a great way to use social networking to help others. Often times when someone hits a snag all they need is someone to listen. Being there on the other end of the keyboard can help immensely in getting past a rough spot, or making a decision. While posting articles on the benefits of breastfeeding, the cons of cry it out and the horror of circumcision is a great way to spread information, nothing beats personally responding when someone you know posts that that are having issues with these or other parenting problems. Don't just spew information, be there to respond to others as well.

There are other specific places online that one can go to find helpful people who are always willing to listen and share their experiences. Mommy Matters Online is a great place for parents to go to look for advice on parenting issues. It's free to sign up, and tell them Spookygirl sent you! ;)

This post was written in response to a post on Mommy Matters Online, in an attempt to win a prize. The views represented are those of the author.

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