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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A post in which I agree wholeheartedly with Neil Gaiman (not hard to do) and call for my friends who join me

If you are so inclined, please read Neil's blog first. Go ahead, I'll wait.. Neil Gaiman's Journal: A Modest Proposal (that doesn't actually involve eating anyone)

Finished? Okay, here's where I agree with Neil, there are NOT enough holidays that include the exchanging of books! Yeah, we give them as birthday or Yule gifts, but there isn't one that focuses solely on book giving.. So let's make one!!

Now when Neil called for suggestions on a name, I suggested Bloodcurdling Book Bequeaths, I guess he didn't like it, because he decided on All Hallow's Read! I like All Hallow's Read, it's a good name, it doesn't have the same alliteration as mine, but what ever, I'm not bitter.. much..

So how can we participate? I am willing to facilitate a swap among my friends and readers. I will collect the names, match up partners, and such. You will then be responsible to send one horror book that you enjoyed, that is in reasonable condition (read doesn't have to be new but not stinky or falling apart), and in return you will receive a horror book that someone else enjoyed! Sounds fun? Sadly, I have to make some rules, so here they go:

1. Don't sign up if you aren't gonna mail a book, I'll give you a week after I match you up to mail. While I hope ya'll understand I can't chase people around and force them to mail, please don't sign up if you aren't going to respect the point of it, to share a book!
2. I will only provide names and addresses for swap partners, not postage or books or any other such thing.
3. Don't send a thrashed book. Send something that you would like to receive.
4. Feel free to add anything you like such as a bookmark or what have you. You don't have to include anything else, but I won't stop you if you'd like to :)
5. Please email me when you ship your book, and again when you receive your book. Share the title of what you got, so I can make an awesome post highlighting who got what (complete with links to your blog if you like!)
6. If for some reason you can't complete your part of the swap, due to what is hopefully a VERY good reason, let me know right away so we can see if we can get it covered.

I hope that about covers everything. Leave a comment here if you'd like to participate, and I will email you for your address, DON'T leave it in the comments!! Just let me know you wanna play :) Make sure I have access to your email address, or I can't email you, LMAO! The more the merrier, and while you're waiting for your partners information, get pursuing your shelves for that special tome to set free!

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