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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've reviewed books on this blog before...

And I have written about other authors, such as Scott Sigler and JC Hutchins, because I thought their work was AWESOME and they were fun to work with.  But today, I am so proud to be writing about an author who is not only awesome, but a dear friend of mine! 

William Wood and I have been friends for a long time (I won't out either of our ages to say as to how long, but sufficed to say, he's just about my oldest friend that I didn't attend high school with, LMAO) So imagine how happy I was when he posted on his Facebook page that one of his stories was being published in an anthology!! 

Sword and Saga Publishing did a great interview with him on their blog, and I encourage my readers to pop over there and check it out. Plus, you really wanna get in now solid as one of his fans, so that when he makes it big, he'll still remember your name. If only I had known Stephen King years before I was even born, he might still be taking my calls today ;)

Personally I love any dark, dreary book cover that includes the word woe ;) As I mentioned to William, I have decided to forgo getting this on my Kindle, and go for the hard copy, so I can get his signature on it. Always the gentleman, he offered to sign my Kindle, but I declined, as it might start a trend, and then I'll have to get Hutchins, Sigler and all the others to sign it too. 

Oh, you want to get a copy of the book too? That's great, thanks for asking! You can visit THIS LINK or click on the book cover above to get your very own copy! 

Supporting small publishers ensures that we can have quality writing from varied voices, not just the ones that the big publishers think we want to hear. 

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