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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gluten Free Power Bars Tutorial

This awesome recipe is from Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom, check out her blog for some great GF recipes!!

Edited to add ~ I wanted to reassure anyone who was paying attention that I ended up not using the Nutella in the bars, because of my son's dairy allergy. Again, if you aren't allergic to dairy, I'd highly recommend it, I bet it tastes fantastic!!

Final word on the bars, Danielle loved them, Jack-Jack refused to try because they were sticky. He has texture issues in addition to allergies, so I am thinking next time I might try coating them in crushed cereal to mask any stickiness.


Spooky said...

That is so cool Beckie!! I love your video, you have a natural talent. ;)
Hope your kids enjoyed the power bars, it is a recipe from Weight Watchers that I kept from way back, so simple to make and easy to grab in the morning.

All the best,

Spooky said...

Those actually looked good. I was totally expecting you to cook them. ;)