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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Planning a Fancy Nancy Tea Party

Danielle has been flitting around with what books she likes best. Fancy Nancy, Judy Moody, or Doctor Who.. Just kidding about that last one, she does like Doctor Who, but he comes a far third after her favorite leading women! LOL! So I was toying with the idea of a Fancy Nancy birthday tea party for her. Here are some suggestions if you have a Fancy (fill in your daughters name) too!

First off, the tea set. Scour yard sales, thrift stores and the like. Find the pretties tea cups and saucers you can find! One for each attendee. They don't have to match, the more whimsical the better!! At the end of the party, each girl can take home their own tea cup, to start their own set.

While you are at the aforementioned places, look for dress up clothes! Big hats, fancy jewelery, great purses, and such. Dresses and shoes are always fun. Gloves are the best! Try to find a pair for each attendee, then as an activity you can offer paint pens, glitter, plastic jewels, and fabric glue for them to decorate their own pair of gloves!

Finger food is always more fun then food you eat with a fork. This is a cardinal rule of tea parties. Tiny finger sandwiches cut with fancy cookie cutters, sliced fruits and veggies with a variety of fun dips, and cookies all are more fun to eat off of pretty plates with dainty fingers. When serving tea and refreshments, it would be a good time to give a fun lesson on manners. Be an example of how not to eat, put your cup on your head, drop crumbs all over yourself, be inventive, and then as the children to point out where you are using bad manners. Ask for suggestions on how you could show better manners. All in good fun!

Need more ideas? Visit Planning a Fancy Nancy Tea Party! - twitter moms: the influential moms network

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