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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Marble Light Up Racers!

I was pretty happy when I was presented the opportunity to review Marble Light Up Racers from Skullduggery. Jack-Jack is very into cars and things that roll, so I figured he'd love them. Little did I know, they would become the favorite toy of all the kids around here! We received 6 cars for the review, so I gave each of the children one of their own, plus one to my husband, thinking I would keep the other three aside in case I might need them later. The cars are blank when you get them with a sticker pack for decorating, so you can use as many or as few as you like. Both kids needed a little help with lining up their stickers on the cars, but it was done easily enough with a bit of a hand from mom and dad. They zoomed the cars all around on the floor and on our map rug. Sadly, them tapping the cars on the floor to keep them lit up did get a little annoying, but hard wood floors tend to be a little louder then your average carpeted floor, and once I got them in the habit of tapping on the rug, it became less of an issue. Some of the cars did require more tapping then others to get them lit up, but in all, they light up brightly and the kids LOVE that. They took them into a darkened room and raced them around. I ended up sharing the three I had set aside with the kids friends who came over, and that was also a big hit, so I am thinking they are gonna make great gifts for birthday parties. They have both boy-ish styles, such as the Volcano, Police Chief and Fire Chief varieties, and more girl-ish ones, such as the Cat's Eye and Confetti style.

Skullduggery and MomSelect we're kind enough to provide me with a set of six cars to give to one of my readers! To enter, just visit http://www.marbleracers.com/ and then leave me a comment telling me which car your child would like best.

If you don't want to wait to see if you win my giveaway Skullduggery is offering a Buy One Get One Free special on all six models when you purchase a Light Up Marble Racer at a CVS in Arizona, California and Nevada!

Here are the details on how to take advantage of this great offer:
  • Mail or email a copy of your CVS receipt with your Light Up Marble Racer purchase to the following address:
o    Skullduggery, 
5433 E La Palma Ave 
Anaheim, CA 92807
  • Include the following information:
    • Your name and address (No PO Boxes).
    • The name of the Light Up Marble Racer you would like sent to you for free (Fire, Police, Confetti, Cat's Eye, Volcano or Cyclone).
Please note that this offer expires May 21, 2010. Sales slips must have a date of May 21, 2010 or earlier. This offer is limited to CVS purchases in ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA & NEVADA only.
Offer limited to the first 1000 entries.

In the interest of full disclouser, I was provided the cars for the review of the Light Up Marble Racers, in exchange for posting my honest review. The above review is my honest opinion of the provided product. Winners of my giveaway will have their prize shipped directly from Skullduggery. 


Spooky said...

Those are great! How neat. My daughter would LOVE these. She and her dad are all into little race cars, slot cars, and the like. She'd love the girly Confetti one. Thanks for the review. Even if I don't win I am going to look for these at the store. :-D

Spooky said...

MEL, you won!! Email me your details, mailing address and such, and I will get your information to Skullduggery so they can ship your prize!!