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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Torchwood Children of Earth

Here their be spoilers, so venture no further, you have been warned..

I finally got to finish watching all 5 days of Torchwood, Children of Earth. And I can honestly say I HATED IT. Not because the writing was bad, it was wonderful, nor was the story bad, it was very good. The acting was great, the visuals, everything about it was what I have come to expect from Torchwood. I hated it because it spells the end of Torchwood. I just can't imagine a way that they can come back from this. Ianto is DEAD, Jack is gone, and Gwen is a soon to be mother. With out casting an entirely new team, I just don't see how they can continue. And even if they did cast a new team, I am not so sure I'd watch. I started watching Torchwood for 2 reasons, Russell T. Davies and Captain Jack Harkness. They did not disappoint. But with out Jack, Ianto and the others, I see no point in watching any more. :(

So, did you watch Children of Earth? If so, what were your thoughts. I wanna know, do you think can Torchwood continue with a new team, much like Doctor Who continues with new actors?

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