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Friday, April 10, 2009

For those who knew I was gone..

I'm home now ;0)

I took a little last minute trip to visit my parents. My Dad who was recovering from pneumonia was rushed to the ER Tuesday morning for dehydration. When he got there, it was discovered he was in full renal failure. They decided to admit him, so I packed up Jack and he and I rushed up there (I figured one kid would be less of a strain on Papa then both kids, LOL) While I was on my way, I found out my mom had a heart attack while in the ER waiting for them to take care of dad!! So by the time I arrived, dad was in one room in the ER and mom was in another!

Luckily for mom she turned out to be fine, and was sent home that night with us. Dad had to wait until after midnight (more then 12 hours after he arrived at the ER, with NONE of his usual medications) to finally get a room.

Papa was in the hospital until Thursday afternoon, they got him rehydrated and sent him home good as new!

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