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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank you to MomSelect! (or how I got to go and see Thomas and Friends Live!)

Momselect was kind enough to supply me with 4 free passes to see Thomas and Friends Live: A Circus Comes to Town. As you may know, my youngest is a HUGE Thomas fan. I think one of his most used "words" is Whoo-Whoo!!

So Jack and I invited his best friend, Shraddha to tag along and we set out on Wednesday afternoon. Now, the Thomas show was all the way down in Bakersfield, about 2 hours from here, so we had quite a drive down. Mostly uneventful except for the overheating of one of the in seat DVD players, and oh yeah, GETTING LOST!! LOL! We missed a freeway exit and had to go down and turn around, except as near as I can tell U-Turns are illegal EVERYWHERE in Bakersfield, LOL! But 2 illegal U-Turns later we were back on track.

We arrived at our seats about 5 minutes before the show started, talk about cutting it close! We had AWESOME seats, as confirmed by the family in front of us who paid $28.50 each! We are about 18 rows from the stage a bit off to the left of center. But we could see and hear everything quite well.

Uploaded - 2\12\09-1

Shraddha and Jack-Jack really seemed to enjoy the show. They bounced along with the music, and were very excited to see the engines rolling around on the stage! The songs were good, though difficult to hear the actual words as the sound was not the best. But they were engaging for the children, most had movements for the kids to do or parts for them to sing along. Sir Topham Hatt and the other characters often spoke directly to the audience and asked for their assistance on things. There were many times that it was difficult to understand what characters were saying, but it didn't seem to phase the kids any.

Uploaded - 2\12\09-2

As is the norm for children's shows, Thomas had about a 15 minute intermission. Usually these are difficult to manage with out having to buy snacks or over priced souvenirs, but lucky for us, Angela planned ahead and had glow bracelets for the kids, and Jack-Jack had his Thomas whistle, so we weathered it with nary a tantrum!

The last part of the show included more familar songs then the first part, and Jack was really getting into them. Bopping along with the music, and almost clapping a few times, LOL!

All in all it was a great show. On par with Nemo on Ice, but not quite as good as The Wiggles. If you have a diehard Thomas fan, as I do, then it's well worth it! To see if Thomas is coming to your area, visit ThomasandFriends.com. Also there are some great coloring pages available for this show, click on a link and it will open as a PDF file :)

Coloring Page 1

Coloring Page 2

Coloring Page 3

And let me apologize for the lack of pictures and the quality of the few I have. Flash photography was not allowed at the show, and all I had was my Iphone to take pictures with, LOL! But here is one of Jack and Shraddha after the show, tired, but happy :)


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