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Monday, December 08, 2008

Sometimes it hard having a non-verbal child...

Okay, I know in the scheme of things, non-verbal is not that bad. And I should count myself lucky that in every other way he is at or above his age level developmentally. Just his expressive speech is delayed. I don't talk about it a lot, and I don't blog about it either, but I just wanted to take one post to get it all out as it were..

It's hard when he wants something, and he has no sign for it, and can't seem to get me to understand. He gets so frustrated.

It's hard when strangers try to get him to talk. Halloween? I had to explain to many a house that No, my son won't say trick or treat before you give him candy. You'll give him the damn candy now, or I'll punch you in the eye. It's amazing how many people were real sticklers for that!! HELLO?? He's not yet three, he might just be scared of you!!

I get sad when I see that Hallmark commercial where the mom gets the toddler to say Merry Christmas in the grandparents card, cause it just look so DAMN easy!

I am teaching him American Sign Language, but he doesn't use it regularly. So I have to continually reteach him signs.

BUT, it's not all bad...

He has a new speech therapist, and in ONE session, she got him to sign for more and say Ba to get blocks! He really seems to like her, and I have high hopes. She knows more ASL then our previous therapist, and is comfortable using them while working with him!!

He has started to say Hi, and And. Like "And Mama!", when asked if he and sister wanted to go to Angela's house!

While watching Polar Express, Jack perfectly imitated the hobo character and said "North Pole" and "Ho,Ho,Ho!"

Jack has made up his own sign for yarn! He's so obsessed with it, he needed to tell me that he needed some. He makes a motion with his hands like he's rolling the yarn into a ball (something I do ALL the time). He was very pleased when I understood what he was asking me for!

I'm sure there is more that I am forgetting.. If I think of any, I'll let you know ;)

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