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Sunday, November 23, 2008

What ever happened to Saturday night??

Well, for me, it turned into Sunday morning, LOL!

But, boy oh boy what a night it was ;) I was lucky enough to go to dinner and The Rocky Horror Show with Tom, Angela, and Stacy! Now in case you are wondering, NO it was not the movie version of Rocky, this was the original stage play. AND IT ROCKED!!

Let's start at the beginning.. Well, not the beginning, beginning, cause that was dropping the kidlets off with Shawn and Tiffiny, WHO rocked because they took care of all the little ones so we could go on this adventure. We literally couldn't have done it with out her, so a huge THANK YOU goes out to her!!

The evening started out with the GPS leading us on a wild ride to the theater. None of us knew where it was, so it was funny the path the GPS took. I went up to get our tickets, and our goody bags before dinner, so we would have them ready to go when the show started. I told Tom to message Stacy when we got there, as we were going to meet her there, for the first time. Having no idea what she looked like, I saw a likely subject flip open her phone to read a text just as I got there. I asked her if she was getting a text from DrDuran, and thankfully she was, LOL!! So having found her, and getting tickets and goody bags squared away, we loaded up in the van to find dinner.

We went to dinner at a new place in the Tower District, called Mr. Sushi. It was YUMMY! Tom made us order too much food, considering one of us is a vegetarian and one of us didn't eat sushi! So, needless to say we, sushi eaters had plenty to eat ;) I ate eel and a couple other types of Nigri for the first time. I didn't get as many pictures as I usually do, was too hungry!! The food was yummy, the service was okay, and I would probably go back if I was in the area. While at dinner, we went though one of the goody bags and I gave an impromptu lesson on what to throw and when while at Rocky Horror ;)

I should not be allowed to take pictures of myself, LOL!

Tom at dinner

Stacy's Beef teriyaki, you can't tell but that bowl was HUGE!

Angela's Vegetarian Bento box

After dinner we headed back to the theater to get our seats. Stacy was on the wait list, but yay!! She got a ticket with us in premium seating. I don't have many pictures from the show either, as my camera battery died.

The Stage, the band was at the other end of what was essentially a basketball court sized stage, with seating on both sides, we were seated dead center, top row.

Angela and I at the show ;)

Tom, Stacy, Angela and me at the show ;)

I have to say, doing the audience participation lines was tough, the timing was way weird, BUT the reactions I got made the sore throat I have today TOTALLY worth it ;)

The singing and dancing was wonderful. The costumes were fanciful and sexy. The sets were versitile and they really worked. I was concerned with such a small space, but they made it work well! I was disappointed at some of the cuts that were made, from the movie version, which I *know* isn't the same, but you look forward to things, ya know? I had lines ready to go that I couldn't use because the cues for them never came. I was VERY glad that the people around me were not only okay with me shouting lines at the top of my lungs, but actually seemed to enjoy it. They didn't even mind when my confetti didn't fly as much as dump on top of their heads.

Angela, Stacy, Riff Raff and Me

I also got a hug and birthday kiss (chaste on the cheek kiss) from Frank N Furter, but no pictures of that, as it was so quick, LOL!

All and all it was a GREAT birthday. I was sad that Dean couldn't join us, he had to work. But I couldn't have asked for a better show, and I really wish I could see it a few more times before it closes on November 30th. But it is VERY not kid friendly, (Hello?? Did anyone see Rocky in butt floss??) and so probably not in the cards to go again.

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