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Monday, November 17, 2008

Search Terms that find my blog ;)

wolfe manor ghost pictures (2 times)
just paranormal wolfe manor (1 time)
most haunted wolfe manor (1 time)

I see that I am on the Wolfe Manor radar now, LOL! Hopefully people aren't too disappointed when they get here, and I am just pimping Ghost Hunters show ;)

toddler bright green poop (1 time)
toddler green poop (1 time)
toddler has bright green poo (1 time)
toddler with bright green feces (1 time)

STILL?? YEARS after the original post, this is STILL one of my stop search terms, LOL!

list of pimp names (1 time)

This comes up at least once a week. I don't even remember what my pimp name was, LOL!

Beckie Needs (1 time)

I'll tell you what Beckie needs, a NAP!

"Spot Headaches"

Not sure I have ever had one of those, thankfully!

Hopefully next week will bring some funnier ones ;0)

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