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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Are they still plumbers??

You'd have to be living under a rock to not know the most famous sons of RotoRouter to ever wield a pipe wrench. Jay and Grant, the founding fathers of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, still do work for RotoRouter, when they aren't checking out some of the most famous haunted sites all over the USA, and occasionally internationally, though they have a whole separate team for that now.

And it's a Wednesday night ritual with DH and I, we send the kids to the playroom as watch the latest episode of Ghost Hunters on SciFi channel. Tonight they are going behind the scenes, and showing never before seen footage, and I can't WAIT..

BUT even better, tune in NEXT WEEK, to see a house that is but a stones throw away (if you are a pitcher for the Oakland A's) from Casa Spooky! Wolfe Manor, a former sanatorium and halloween haunted attraction, now it's solely open for private ghost tours. Ghost Hunters International where there for a fundraiser program back in August, and the Ghost Hunters, TAPS team came out in September for a full investigation. So don't miss it! Wednesday November 19th, on SciFi Channel, check your local listings ;)

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