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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Making caramel apples :)

Kit from my friendly local Target store ;)


Tiffiny said...

So much to say!!!!!

First off...Nice change in background. :)

2. I'm surprised that the kids didn't eat all the goodies, instead of decorating. Such well behaved children. ;)

3. Nice white string bracelet.

4. Yes it is a vote.

5. Very good instructional video...Maybe I can convince Seren to want to do it. Where did you get the kit?

6. Your voice is so serious and adult like. On video I sound like a kid.

7. Is it caramel or caramel? ;)

Uh...I think that's it. I kept thinking of new things to say while watching the video...And well, I may have forgotten a thing or two. Like it matters, I mean I've already written a book here. :)

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Saw you over on http://mommygossip-gno.blogspot.com and linked over. Glad I stopped by. That was awesome! It is so fun to get to know other #gno gals through their blogs. Yours is so festive. I tried to post about Halloween today to get into it, but somehow, the decor on yours puts me in the mood. I doubt even an off-Halloween-topic post would take me out of it. Love it!