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Monday, September 29, 2008

Our butterflies are now free, as it should be..

Sadly I have no video. Why? Because of the Stockholm syndrome obviously experienced by our butterflies, that's why!!

I had the kids dressed, we were outside in the beautiful sort of sunshine. We brought the butterflies in their pavilion out side for the first time. I was video taping Danielle unzipping the doorway, thinking the butterflies would just make a break for it. NOPE!! So I encouraged her to nudge them with her hand towards the door. Still they held steadfastly to the sides of their cage. Finally, I was forced to abandon the camera to encourage them out. We got one out, then set it down so we could take out their food dish, and of course, while I wasn't filming one of the buggers flew right out!! The final two were scooted/scraped/scared out the little doorway, and off they all went to start their life in the Wild!

I send them off with plenty of wishes for better tasting nectar then I was able to produce, on prettier flowers, and yummy rotten fruit. I hope they all find a nice partner and settle down and make lots of little butterflies. Mostly though, I just hope they don't get eaten by a bat or frog later on today...


Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

First of all, thanks so much for joining GNO last night. I just got your blog off of the Twitter Moms group discussion. Soooo glad to stop by.

Second, wish we had tons of butterflies. Not so many in my parts.

Third (why do I feel the need to give sequence to my comments?), I loved your post on reading banned books. First of all, Huckleberry Finn is my all-time favorite books. The Color Purple is another one--the movie being my very favorite. Also, on a very profound level, societies that ban books go down fast. I have read a lot about that lately and think we need to do whatever we can here to protect our freedom of speech. I don't think we need to read everything, especially stuff that we find offensive. But, we need to have the choice. And, people definitely need to have the right to write about it.

Anyway... love your blog. So glad to have met you.

Good N Crazy said...

Bat or Frog indeed!

Thanks for joining GNO last night! Crazy, eh?

Will be earlier next week!

I want to see pics of the butterflies? are they lower down on your blog??

Spooky said...

I actually had a heck of a time getting pictures, but there is one good one on my homeschool blog ;0)