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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life is a zoo, and I live in the monkey cage!!

It has to be, that's the only thing that explains the activity, noise and smells around her. Because three kids, can't possibly be doing it all by themselves! Bodies fly from one piece of furniture to another. Prized are found, then held over ones head while racing around the couch to keep others from stealing them. Screeches, laughter, and crying echo from every corner. And let's not even discuss the bathroom, K?

It's not that my kids (and the one I borrow a few days a week) are uncivilized. In public they look like every other kid, but get them home and they devolve into small primates, possibly from the lemur family! Their primary goal? Making the Energizer Bunny look slothful.

So at the end of the day, when the monkey have finally ran out the last bits of energy, and finally lay down for a good nights rest, it's good to be the mommy monkey who gets to kiss all the little heads. Then I FINALLY gets to pick up that novel I've been trying to finish for the last month or so ;)

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Tiffiny said...

This reminds me....I have a book I really want to read, but it's in my car and that's WAY too far to walk. ;)

Vicky said...

How do they have so much energy? I think they suck the energy right out of us.