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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cosmic Happenstance leads to awesome find!!

I was listening to HayHouseRadio Power Thoughts Show, Stressed to Blessed. Randomly, with one earphone in, while the kids played loudly and the TV was on, and all. Suddenly this totally cool song/chant/mantra came on, and I snapped to full attention. It was GREAT, it sounded cool, loved the music, the guys voice, everything! Slight problem, the whole thing is in Sanskrit (of course!) and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE SAYING!! LOL!

SO I whip out my trusty google, and call up my resident expert on all things mantras and Sanskrit, Angela, and get busy trying to track it down! No luck, no luck, nothing nothing nothing....

Then today, I play it again to try to find more clues and DUH, they said the name of the artist, and the album is was from before they played it, LOL!! Shows how well I was listening ;)

SO I go google what they said, and listed first on my search results are things already ON MY COMPUTER, and there is the artists website with the very song listed that I wanted!! I had been googling something else for Angela recently and passed right by what I had been looking for! LOL!

Guess it was meant to be ;)

Check out Om Kailash, Following Sound Into Silence, track #6 (scroll down to the bottom and look for Jai Shree Devi on the playlist)

Magnifying Self-Giving Love (Jai Shree Devi)

Hooray for the Feminine Glory, the Goddess! I bow to you again and again.

1 comment:

Angela said...

That just ROCKS! Your mantra hunted you down and found you dispite you walking right past it over and over. LOL! Awesome spiritual work. Also an affirmation that you are on the right spiritual path..... whatever that might be.
Namaste! = I bow to the goddess within you.

- Angela