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Friday, August 01, 2008

Blogging the Recession..

I am making a pledge, right here and right now, for the month of August, I am going to click through on my blog reader, and not just skim my blogging sisters posts! I mean really, in this recession, it's the cheapest form of entertainment I can find, LOL!

I think showing appreciation for the blogs that entertain, educate or amuse me, in the form of page views, is the least I can do. For those who get paid per page view, that's a few more cents in their coffer. For those of us who just live and die by our page views/comment counts, it's a pat on their back.

Not that I think it's evil to skim through my reader, cause truth be told, I am a mom, homeschool teacher, scout leader and about a billion other titles, and time is some times costs more then gas around here. But taking that few extra minutes, to really see and appreciate someone blog, see what they have linked on their side bars, notice their lay outs and backgrounds, well, it can really give me some ideas on how to improve my own blog, LOL!!

Okay, I'm off now, my reader is calling, I just wanted to share this idea with ya'll. And if you are a blogger, and want to join the movement, click on the piggie up there, he'll tell ya all about it :)


Abbreviated said...

Some inexpensive entertainment out there !

Summer said...

That's a great idea. I'm guilty too of just reading through th feeds and not stopping to comment.

tata said...

I found you through Kristin's site and before posting about it, I thought I'd go through and comment on all the blogs she listed, as well as those who left comments! So I'm in!!!

TheAngelForever said...

I just joined the Blog the Recession. Such a great idea and fun as well. Another fun perk is finding great new blogs to frequent :)

Daisy said...

Inexpensive and priceless entertainment. I'll keep on clicking!