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Thursday, August 07, 2008

13 Reasons I am glad we Homeschool!

Thirteen Things about why we homeschool

  1. We are not morning people. No one really us up or at their best before 11am around here!
  2. We like to do things together. Meaning, brother and sister like to play and such together not separated because of arbitrary age guidelines.
  3. We like FREEDOM! To go where we want to when we want to. And all the really good stuff is MUCH less crowded on weekdays :)
  4. Daddy isn't off on Saturday and Sunday. We'd miss out on Daddy Time if kids were in M-F school.
  5. We're blessed with homeschooling friends. Yes, we have friends who are in public school too, but we have a great group of homeschoolers here that we associate with.
  6. We don't do well with a raising our hands, and waiting. Let's be honest. DD is not the best at raising her hand and waiting for someone to call on her. If she has a question, she wants it answered or Googled RIGHT NOW! For now, I let her have it her way, LOL!
  7. DS doesn't talk much. Or at all for that matter. He'd be lost in sea of preschoolers if we sent him there. Here he gets all the help he needs!
  8. We get to learn together as a family! We are learning ASL together, it's a lot of fun, and really comes in handy!
  9. We get to take breaks to watch Yo Gabba Gabba. I know that sounds bad, but it's true. We like to take silly breaks and do some dancey dance time :)
  10. We get time to visit with family and friends. With out having to wait till weekends. Visits from Grandma and Grandpa can come any day of the week, with out worrying about school the next day, homework and such.
  11. NO HOMEWORK!! I feel for my ps friends who children come home with stacks of homework. Heck, might as well homeschool if you're gonna do all that!
  12. No school uniforms. We do our work in what ever we want to wear, which is often very little, LOL! Teacher in her PJ's, and kids in their underwear, but we are all comfy and happy.
  13. I get to be there for their ah-ha moments! I am the one that gets to see the light in their eye when they figure something out! I am selfish, I want to share their excitement during a science experiment, or their happiness at finishing a book! I don't wanna share that with a teacher, LOL!

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Lilibeth said...

As a junior high and high school teacher who has home-schooled some as well, I say more power to ye. Some people would make a mess of it, but if you do it right home schooling can be a joy.

Daisy said...

That is one of the main reasons I homeschool and have been for over 10 years:) Freedom!!! Gotta love it:)

52 Faces said...

Wah! I hated prison, I mean, public schooling.

Power to you!

Monday through Sunday said...

Sounds wonderful!!

Summer said...

Great list! I'm going to steal this for next Thursday. :)