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Monday, July 07, 2008

My ever shrinking footprint..

So, I am trying to do somethings to improve my footprint on the Earth. I realize that I am not the greenest person on the block (ever reminded of such by Angela and Amy) But I take from them ideas on how I can be more green ;)

Like taking shorter showers. I do my best to keep them in the 5 minute range. Though I have to say I do sometimes go over. But averaged over the week, I am pretty sure I keep it in the less then 35 minutes total a week. Like tonight, I was goofing around and I soaped my hair and body, then rinsed the whole kit and caboodle together, instead of as a 4 step process, LOL! It worked! I had time to shave my pits even with a few grains of sand left. I wouldn't recommend it as a daily shower ritual, but it was amusing to see if it cut any off my time, LOL!

Plus I have been trying to eat more mindfully. In fact, up until 7pm this evening, I was a whole week vegetarian! I was pretty proud of myself. Then, the lemon chicken that DH asked me to make was done. My intention was to just prep it to go in the fridge, as the kids won't eat it and DH was at work. So he could then warm it up for himself when he got home. But dang it, I am such a good cook ;) it smelled so good! So I had some. And I was feeling guilty about it. As Angela says "Chickens are friends, not food!"

But then I thought to myself, I did do very good, and I never said I was gonna be 100% vegetarian. I just said I was gonna cut down on the things with a face that I eat. And I did.

I have to keep reminding myself, it's little things that I am doing to help reduce my footprint, but no matter what I do I am never gonna FLOAT! And it's better to do a few little things, and feel good about it, then to beat myself up for not being perfect. NO ONE is perfect.


hopealso of hippie dippie bébé said...

You know it's funny because I've been thinking about exactly the same thing. All those pictures of Angela's kids playing with her chickens are so sweet, and it's making me feel guilty about our meat consumption.

It's hard for us as a family because my husband got very ill last time he tried vegetarianism, and my son is non-dairy and allergic to seeds and nuts (I have no excuse!). But what we've been doing is a) trying to move week-by-week toward 100% cruelty-free meats, and b) cutting back on the number of times we eat meat per week. Even though this is an area where others greatly outshine me, I just tell myself that if I'm moving toward better habits, I'm a part of something bigger.

Thanks for helping me feel I'm not alone and congratulations on your progress!

Nate's Mom said...

Beckie, I love this post. Good for you! We have talked about trying to go vegetarian a few times a week. What did you eat last week? I am NOT a cook. So, I will need all the help I can get, lol.

Sending positive thoughts and peayers for comfort for your dad and for peace for the family. Hugs!

PS: I just blogged some pics from the SS meeting. I didn't post Danielle's pic that I took. I thought I should get permission first. It looks just like my boys' pics lighting their candles, except it's the back of her head. I photographer, I am not, lol.

jugglingpaynes said...

Hello Beckie, nice to meet you. Thanks for your comment. It's awesome that you are trying to shrink your footprint. Some things we do are composting, freecycle, and filling water bottles at home instead of buying bottled water. Every little bit helps.

Peace and Laughter,

zed said...

I still take hour + long showers...;) screw my carbon footprint....:o)