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Monday, June 23, 2008

It's my first time, please be gentle...

Brutally Honest Mondays

It's Brutally Honest Monday, and I ask you, my faithful bloggy readers..

Do I complain about lack of sleep to much? Is it really all my fault that my son doesn't sleep? It is divine retribution for my slacker, co-sleeping ways? Tell me true, did I bring this sleepless hell upon myself by allowing my kids to set their own schedules??


Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Hmm, it's my first time here, over from Mrs. Flinger, so obviously I don't have any background to go on.

But I think, each child is different. I had both of my kids on schedules (although I went with their natural sleep rhythms, not someone else's time table) and one did GREAT, the other... not so much. She's 13 months and still wakes once a night (at least) to nurse, 6 out of 7 nights. I know she gets plenty of nutrition during the day, but still she nurses, a FULL FEED, then happily returns to sleep. I, too, am exhausted!

Sorry I'm not much help! But I definitely feel your pain.

Angela said...

Complain too much? UGH who wouldn't when you have been up for 20 hrs! heck, yeah you deserve to complain. Did you bring it on yourself... heck yeah ... its karma for being an awesome mommy and attending to babies needs:P LOL! And if what was working before is no longer working... you are the mommy and you get to change it for the better. Don't start doubting yourself and your mommy instinct. You are doing a far better job then I ever could with that little sleep! No point in attempting to blame anyone or anything... it just is what it is. Who knows, maybe you asked for this specific test before this life. Be nice to yourself and know that this too will pass.

hopealso of hippie dippie bébé said...

I wonder if this is a warning to us co-sleeping moms? I agree with Angela, when you feel like something's not working it's not a sign o' the time to feel guilty (although that's the gut reaction) it's really just your good instincts telling you it's time to make a change. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself lately!

Any advice to a co-sleeping mama of a 6-month old? I co-slept with my first also, who is now 12 (years). I honestly cannot remember half of what I did with him, but I'm pretty sure he slept more soundly, plus he transitioned well into the crib strapped onto the bed thing we had going. With this new baby, I think things are going to be a little more challenging.