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Friday, May 30, 2008

How I won $50 while sitting on my booty..

nursing the baby!!

Quite a while ago I joined the Family Fun Reader Survey because I do indeed, read Family Fun magazine. Every month, it's full of great ideas, interesting information, and fun stuff to do! I tend to keep all my old issues even to be able to go back and find things months and months later. As a part of the survey panel, I am often asked to take SUPER quick surveys on the current issues, what I read, what I liked that kinda thing. Takes only a few minutes. And after two surveys, you are given a gift for your participation. Last year I got a Family Fun Tricks and Treats book, all about Halloween (cause ya know I LOVE Halloween! LOL)

Today I saw a email that said Family Fun ~ You WON!, and I was like yeah, right, sure. I'll collect that after I collect UK lottery winnings, and my cash from MSN for forwarding an email 1,000 times. LOL! But then, I noticed the email addy it came from, and it clicked that it was actually the place that did the Family Fun surveys! I did a few clicks of research, and found out it was in fact legit! I really, really won! WHOOHOO!!

Course, $50 is no trip to Disneyland, heck, it's barely a tank of gas, but I'll take it, LOL! And if you wanna have the opportunity to earn prizes, and possibly win cash, join up for the panel too!

Family Fun Reader's Survey

1 comment:

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

woot! congratulations. :)
and hey, not sure if you saw my email, but you won a shower timer from the 5-minute shower challenge on my blog. email me your mailing address. :)