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Friday, May 16, 2008

Gift giving advise, if you don't want your gift donated as soon as you turn your back

Credit where credit due, I borrowed this list from McMama's Musings

  1. Avoid plastic at all costs. I hate worrying about PVC or phlalates or the Next Big Recall. I hate the stigma around plastic toys. I hate that they can break and become dangerous sharp edges. Exception: Legos and their derivatives.

  2. Buy consumable products. My very favorite gifts for the kids are things that will eventually Go Away. If it can get used up, it will be and then you'll have something to buy again next year! Consumable Products of Choice: Art supplies and experience gifts, such as zoo memberships, waterpark memberships and museum memberships

  3. Books, Books, Books. Need I say more? Oh, right. Leave the religious stuff out, if you please.

  4. Keep it educational. If you must ignore the other suggestions, if you MUST buy that video game, that whiz-bang plastic toy that will Never Biodegrade, please make sure it at least PRETENDS to be educational.
I have to say in general the grandparents for the little Gistlings are pretty good at remembering these few rules, but there is always room for improvement ;)


zed said...

hey, Uncle T-Tom does good with presents too, right? :P

Beckie said...

Yes, yes he does :)