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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How can I become a better parent..

When my kids won't leave me alone long enough to read a book?? LOL!!

I have picked up a new book Screamfree Parenting by Hal Runkel because I decided I had to be honest with myself.

I was trying to read A New Earth I downloaded the podcasts, and the workbook pages, and I have come to realize, I don't have enough brain cells at the moment to take on this project! I am not going to be transcending our ego-based state of consciousness, most of the time I am lucky to be at a functioning state of consciousness!!

So next on my T0 Be Read list was Screamfree Parenting, so I opened it up and started reading. So far, it sounds good. Maybe a bit hard to fathom, that we are not responsible for our children but to our children. That we need to take care of ourselves first, like when your in a plane, you put your oxygen mask on first then your child's mask. If we are not taking proper care of ourselves we won't be able to draw on our reserves when our children are pushing our buttons.

Problem is, finding the time to read the darn book, without screaming at my kids to leave me alone!! As we speak, Jack is climbing all over me, pushing my hands away from the keyboard, and this is how it almost always is. I get very little time to myself.

Guess that's the first thing I need to work on.

I'll post more in a bit, little hands are pushing my laptop off of my lap....

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Tiffiny said...

We may not be great parents, but I know that we are good ones. You know how I know...Because we are always wanting to be better. This is the true sign of an awesome parent! (At least that's what I try and tell myself.) ;)