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Monday, February 11, 2008

And the Plague did descend upon our house..

And verily the Baby, he did fever, the daughter, she did sniffle, the father, he did vomit, and the mother, she did not sleep. And the pots and pans did pile up, the laundry it did multiply, and the food it was depleted. There was a great groaning that came from the masses, begging for tissues, juice and plain crackers. The baby did suckle, morning, noon and night, and he did refuse to sit anywhere but in the lap of the mother.

But on this day, the 11th day of February, after almost 7 straight days of the plague, I do say unto you, the fevers they did fall! The Baby did wake up and play!! Can I get a Hallelujah! While the noses still run, and coughing does echo about the house, a light can be seen at the end of the tunnel, and by gosh, it looks a lot like a shower for the Mother ;)


Tinamama said...


i love it!

not that you were sick, of course...but that was quite a scripture writing! :) glad there's light at the end of that tunnel!

we're finally getting over some nasties ourselves...but now maeven is ending her 3rd day of head to toe itchy hives. poor baby. she's beyond miserable. living on benadryl. taking forever to go away! damn them hives!

Vegiemama said...

And the plague driveth not away the sense of humor of the mother. Singin and rejoicing with many "hallelujahs" that the plague departeth forthwith, never to return! We may dream thus, I say.