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Friday, January 04, 2008

What mom's do when they are not sleeping ;)

If you nurse your 2 year old boy...

He will wake up in the middle of the night and want num-nums.
If you give him num-nums, he's going to want his pirate blanket.
So, you give him his pirate blanket, and tuck him in well.
And he will notice he doesn't have his pillow.
So, you will give him his pillow, and he will decide he needs his monkey.
After looking all over the bedroom, you will find him his monkey.
And he will want you to nurse the monkey.
While you are nursing the monkey, he will notice he needs a dry diaper.
So, he will take off his wet one, and leaves it in the bed, while he runs to get a new one.
When he gets back, you put the new diaper on his wiggley squiggley butt
then you will get them both to lay down so you can pat their backs.
And as soon as you have that 2 year old boy and his monkey off to dream land.
You roll over so you can finally get a few minutes of sleep,
and he'll wake up and want num-nums again....

All thanks to the author of If you give a Mouse a Cookie, I LOVE THAT BOOK :)

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