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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Visiting Elf Program (BETA)

I am proud to announce that the Gist family has been chosen for the Visiting Elf Program (BETA). We received our notification today directly from Santa, pictured below. The children are very excited, and can't wait for Jingle Bells, our official elf, to arrive!

Any parents who might want to read up on the program themselves, and maybe submit their family for consideration ;) should click here Visiting Elf Program

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This letter came today, and was fastened to our front door after our Thanksgiving lunch. It reads

Dear Danielle,

I will soon be sending my favorite elf, Jingle, to visit your family. She will be reporting directly to me, if you and your brother are naughty or nice! Be good and I will see you soon!


I will keep everyone updated on how the visit goes, and post any pictures or sightings we may have ;)

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