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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Today was even worse then yesterday...

I have PMS, and I am tired, but none of those things are an excuse for being a bad mom. Hopefully my kids will forgive me for having an off day, a really, really off day. No one can smile all the time. And I am sure even Mrs. Sears raised her voice now and then...


Tiffiny said...

Of course she did!

Now, pick yourself up by the bra straps and move forward! That's what makes us good moms (which you are an EXCELLENT mother)...The ability to reflect and want to constantly do better.

Don't worry, Danielle and Jack will be fine. Now, you didn't raise your voice to Michael did you? That may just be going overboard. ;)

Love ya!

Strad Ravenloft said...


Id LOVE too see her rais her voice at me.

She may be my mom, But most the time, We are on the phone.


Have a better day mom.

Lots of love.