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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let's get ready to RUMBLE....

Yes, it is a Soccer Mom Smack Down!

I got into my first side line fight, at Danielle's soccer game today. Let me give you the important facts first. This mom was allowing her younger son to play in the league that wasn't his age group, so he was too little to be on the field at all. And this is Bitty League soccer, so there are too many kids, on each team, and they run in a huge pack, no strategy or anything like that. So, keeping those two things in mind...

I kept hearing this woman on the sidelines saying "that girl in pink is pushing, she better not touch my baby again" and on and on. Now, Danielle was the only girl in pink. Finally she said something about it again, and I said "Are you talking about my daughter??" Now, I was already not to interested in what she had to say, since I had been watching the game, and Danielle was not pushing. She has a habit of putting her hands up when she gets close to the pack of kids, I guess as a defense mechanism. When that pack turns, you better be out of the way, or they'll plow right into you. She had when passing another child, placed her hands on them. But there was no pushing, or pressure in it. I have spoken to her about not touching the other children, but hey, you know, they are 5 and there are a bunch of them out there, there is bound to be kids who are touched! This mom, her husband and what I can only assume was the grandma, all turn to me and proceed to tell me how my child is pushing the other children, even when the ball is frozen (umm, hello? NONE of the kids stop moving when the coaches say freeze!) and that something needs to be done. So the mom gets up and starts out on to the field. I have no idea what she is doing, so I follow her, to make sure she doesn't get near Danielle. She goes to the coach to tell them that Danielle is pushing. I go to Danielle and tell her that she needs to keep her hands to herself.

At half time I considered approaching the coaches to ask them to remove the child from the game, since he was not a Bitty League, but an Itty Bitty League player, and therefore had no business on the field in the first place. Thankfully, they did it before I had a chance to say anything.

I just don't get people. If I saw my daughter doing something malicious, I would have intervened. If the child in question seemed to be distressed in any way, I would have intervened. But you know what, the kid didn't even seem to notice that Danielle had touched him. And heck, later on after the discussion with the coach, another child came up and GRABBED the boy from behind, and the mom didn't even bat an eye!! I love that the grandmother felt the need to point out to me, "We teach our children not to push!" I should have said, "OH! Good point, I think I'll start teaching her that too, I never thought of it before. WOW! Thank goodness for people like you, to point out the things that I forget to teach my kids!!"

Anywho, I don't want to be one of those moms who end up on Youtube for having a smack down on the sideline, but at the same time, I don't play well with others who talk smack about my kids.


Tiffiny said...

I was wondering if you were going to blog about this or not. Anyway...Like I said yesterday, you can't argue with ignorant people. They never seen any other side, other than their own. I think you handled it the best way possible.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Goooooo team Beckie!