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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Updates from the front lines ;0)

I know I haven't been blogging much lately. I have been busy with life, homeschooling, kids and the like. There are still a few things I can't blog about, and hopefully those of you who know will understand.

Danielle's school is going well. She sometimes has to be cajoled into actually doing her work, a lot of it is because it's review for her, and therefore boring. I mean HELLO!! She knows her colors on sight, why should she be tortured by having to cut out pictures to PROVE she knows her colors?? But it needs to get done, so she does it.

I didn't have a Sunday TaDa list, because my ankle is (as Roger said) JACKED! I hurt it over a week ago, and it still hurts and swells up if I over do it. So, I didn't get much housework done on Sunday. In fact, I haven't done much at all since I got back from my parents house.

Jack has started "talking" more. The past two weeks, he has said, Ya! No! and Papa! Dean says he said Spongebob, but I missed that one. He also has started singing with the radio, LOL, no words, just vocalization in time with the music. He also makes kissy noises now, and he thinks it's funny to kiss his toys and make me kiss them too.

I am in the middle of several knitting/crocheting projects. I am working on bbq mitts for my dad in 49er colors, a hat for our friend Seren in neapolitan ice cream colors, a purse in fall colors for an charity auction, and a shrug in pretty berry colors for danielle. Busy, busy needles ;) I was sorely tempted to buy some chocolate and pink yarn on Monday, but I don't have a project for it yet. It was just soooo pretty!! I have to stop buying yarn then looking for projects for it, LOL!

Anyways, I think that's all for now.

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