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Sunday, September 02, 2007

So, we start school on Tuesday

Danielle is enrolled through Connection Academy, which is essentially school at home, using school district provided curriculum. The official start date for her school is September 4th. So I am scrambling my butt trying to get everything ready so that our start will be as smooth as possible.

We started a new responsibilty chart

with some returning chores, and some new ones. Plus I started a whole nother chart just for school work. And, we have more tangable rewards, I put together a prize box, that I let Danielle decorate herself. It has cool pens, pencils, erasers, activity books, stickers and coupons for special things, like ice cream or movie rentals. We shall see if this works better then the money I tried before. She just didn't get the concept of money enough to make it worth it to her to work for it.

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