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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Day at the Beach ;)

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Playing with sand

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Just out of the ocean

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Running on the pier
Angela and I took our combined 4 kids to Pismo Beach yesterday. It was my youngest 2's first time at the beach, and they very much enjoyed it. I didn't get many pictures, because my camera kept giving me errors :( Hopefully Angela has a few of Danielle playing in the water. She loved it! Jack was not as enthusastic about the cold water. We didn't get to stay in too long, poor mommy, my fingers were frozen and ACHING from the cold. We escaped from 100+ degrees in the valley only to get to a beach that was almost to cold for swimming in! LOL!

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Angela said...

Cute pictures! That was so fun! Shraddha had a blast playing with Danielle and Jack-Jack! I do have some pics of Danielle jumping and playing in the waves. I will upload them to my blog tonite! Thanks for driving and dragging me out of the heat!