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Saturday, July 21, 2007

And last but certianly not least, our trip to Hogwarts!

We won a trip to Hogwarts (otherwise known as the Woodward Park Library) from our local library for a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Midnight Release Party, so we donned our best costumes (that can be crafted in one day from stuff we had about the house) and made our way to Hogwarts!

We were greeted by Professor Sprout, and lead into Hogwarts where the young ones were given scrolls leading them from class to class. We started out in the crafts (of course) and made wands and golden snitches. Then we went to a presentation by the local Owl rescue group about owls, and how amazingly they CAN'T be trained to carry mail, LOL! We then went out for refreshments ButterBeer (rootbeer floats) and Bertties Any Flavor Beans. We then made our way around the back edge of Hogwarts to Divination Class, where I found out Danielle is fiercely independant and VERY Creative (yeah, like I didn't know that, LOL). Then on to the Costume contest, where Micheal was keeping them all entertained. We also saw a big science show, where they blew stuff up, and a magic show with Tony Blanco. Michael had fun with his favorite Young Adult Librarian, Jennifer, who was dressed as Bellatrix LaStrange, and Danielle was enjoying following her favorite children's librarian, Miss April, around. Lucky for me Tiffiny wasn't there, or Jack would have left me, I am sure! LOL! We did win a spot to check out the new book at midnight (it is a library afterall) but alas, we had a HUGE meltdown at about 11:30 because of a lost wand, and decided to call it a night!

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Book (Prop) I made to go with my costume

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Sign on the steps of the library, where they took our train tickets.

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Wand and Golden Snitch Crafting

Potions Class

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