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Friday, June 22, 2007

Legislating Common Sense

You know, I fear for the future when we have to do SOOO much legislating of common sense to keep people from killing, harming or maiming themselves or others! Now I am not talking about the warning on your hair dryer that says "Do Not Use while sleeping or in the bathtub" thought I firmly believe that those are a waste, and anyone stupid enough to use a hair dryer while sleeping or in the bath should be subject to Darwin's theory, because in reality, they are too stupid to be allowed to breed.

But that's not what I am talking about, I am talking about those laws that we (as a state, country or whatever) have passed, that force people to do things that should be common sense anyways. In a world where we have to have laws to make sure people feed, clothe, educate and generally care for their children, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. We have laws to make you wear a helmet if you ride a motorcycle, or if a child wears a bicycle. We have laws to make you wear your seat belt if you ride in a car. We, it seems also, have laws about who, when, where and for how long children can be left alone in a vehicle.

I get into many an argument with parents about improper car seat usage. Mostly, the turning of infants around when they are too young. HUGE pet peeve of mine. Parents complain, but they cry, and cry when they are in their seat, so I turned them so they will be happier. Okay, great, now you have a happier baby (maybe, because some just don't like riding in the car) who is now in great danger if you get into an accident! WHOOHOO!! Good for you your baby isn't' crying, but in the case of an accident when their spine is permanently damaged because their bodies were not strong enough to withstand an impact, then I guess you can look back and say, well, at least they weren't crying in the car. I believe so strongly in keeping kids rear facing, that Jack is still rear facing (at 18 months for anyone keeping track) and Danielle was until she was a little over 2, when she finally reached the upper height limit on her seat.

Since when, are children so unimportant in our lives that we have to question anyone who tells us information that conflicts with what we believe to our rights? Even if there is evidence that we are wrong? It is absolutely beyond my ability to comprehend parents who dont do anything they can to keep their children as safe as possible! I do have somethings in my life that are a HUGE hassle, because it's safer that way for my children! I hate to have the stupid lock on my dishwasher, it's a pain to unlock, but you know what? Jack can open the damn thing without it, and I am not willing to have him hurt by soaps, dishes or whatever else he may get into in there.

The recent argument is kids in cars. Leaving them alone specifically. I will admit, if I see a baby (Jack's age or younger usually) in a car alone, or even with an older, but not old enough sibling, I usually call the police. Keep in mind I live in Clovis, not LA, there is no danger of police brutality for the offending parent, mostly likely they are gonna get a lecture. I have also called when I saw older children (5, 6, or so) in a car, for EXTENDED periods, like saw them when I walked into the store, and they were still there when I walked out, and I didn't see anyone walking towards the car. Or any child, under 10 maybe, in a car in the summer, period. I am sorry, folks, but I don't accept the excuses, they were sleeping, I was just running in, or what ever. It's never okay to leave a child in the car while you walk away! You have no idea what could happen while you are away. Your car could get hit, stolen, your kids could get into something dangerous in the car, or they could get stolen. And when you walk back out, and your children are hurt, or missing, are you going to say "well, at least I was able to run into Michael's and get XX with out my kids bugging me" (I specifically remember seeing a toddler asleep in their car seat in the parking lot of Michael's, and I called on that one).

I really think that we as HUMAN BEINGS need to start viewing our children as more of a treasure to be protected and a lot less like we do. You wouldn't leave your purse in the car, or your cell phone, right? Why the heck is your CHILD any less important????

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Absolutely Bananas said...

I couldn't agree more. the sad thing is that there's a WHOLE bunch of people who wouldn't make their kids wear car seats if it wasn't the law... aw shucks honey, we ain't needin' no car seat... yep, they are THAT stupid!

Christina said...

Great post!!