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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fun at the Alpaca Ranch

We visited a local Alpaca Ranch today when they had their open house. It was fun to see how they live, what the eat and all the neat things they can make with the fiber from shorn alpacas. Danielle wanted to take one home, hard to explain to her that we just don't have enough room ;)

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Danielle feeding a baby Alpaca, named Cleopatra

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We nicknamed this one Rock N Roll, kinda reminded us of Michael ;)


Amber said...

SUCH fun! My aunt runs a llama farm (about 80-strong) and I'm dying to take my kids to see them.

The Son said...

Clint is the Ponentaint of Alpakas!
Fear his None-breathing, Floating, Non-eating/sleeping/drinking, Emotionless, Ruleing over the 9 hells/the celestial/the etherial/and the elemental, Latin/1337/chat/spanish speaking self.