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Friday, May 25, 2007

Have I waxed poetic about Paperback Swap lately?

Well I am going to again!!

So far I have sent out 111 books, they have traveled an average of 1,519 miles to reach their new owner. I have received 99 books in return (I have credits open waiting for me to request more books) If the books I received would have cost me an average of $4.50 (many would have been worth MUCH MORE) I have saved a total of $445.50!!

Plus there is the fun of getting books in the mail. Like a little gift one or two times a week! And finding books that you read a long time ago, and then you can read again ;)

So, if you wanna join the fun click

1 comment:

Mary Ann Romans said...

I keep wondering if I should join paper back swap. So, it sounds like you would recommend it. Did you send all of those books in one package or over time? What about the cost of postage?