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Thursday, February 22, 2007

I know, I know..

I have been promising pictures, I will get them up soon. I have a ton of my newly crafted goodies to put up, my new hair cut, not to mention my beautiful children ;)

Finding time on the computer has been hard, Jack had decided that if I am on the computer while he is awake, that he must immediately climb on the back of the couch and attempt to throw himself on the floor before I can catch him. Seriously, every time I get on the computer he does this. It makes it hard to get anything done, since I am either on constant alert to have to be catching him, or I am holding him already because I have moments before caught him.

I need to figure out a new way to organize my space, so that the back of the couch, and the subsequent fall on the floor are no longer the quickest route to mommy's lap...

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