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Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Saturday 8 ~ Charity begins at home

1. the millionaire "secret santa" has passed. do you contribute to charity? I do

2. if you had a million dollars to donate to any charity or group, where would you give it? I would have to split it up between several charitys and groups who empower women to be the best mothers they can be, such as La Leche League.

3. do you think that the tax deduction benefit is worth giving? I have never used it.

4. do you patronise goodwill or any other community charity store? I do

5. do you give money to people who are begging? I do not.

6. many cities are starting ordinances that bar or limit charities from giving out free food/clothing to homeless people in municipal areas. do you agree or disagree with this limitation, and why? I honestly don't know.

7. many homeless are mentally ill and it is difficult to locate them, diagnose them, and monitor their medication/intake. do you think that the federal government does enough for the mentally-ill homeless in your country, and why? I do not.

8. how "giving" are you with friends? have you been burned in the past lending money/time to someone who either does not pay you back or is ungrateful/expectant of your time/money, or have you had relatively good experiences with giving/lending? I think in my close group of friends we are all very giving, like the socialists say, to each according to need, from each according to ability, that is how I see it. (I hope they see it the same way ;) )

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