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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Some would say I was lucky...

and today I would have to agree :)

I have won, won, won this holiday season! I won on Mommychats and on the Pie Pointers ! I am getting my christmas shopping done, and getting a lot of it for FREE! I won't go into too much detail about what I bought, but between Danielle making crafts for lots of family, and my shopping with gift certificates, and using my product wins, I am getting my holiday's taken care of PDQ!

So, please, feel free to be jealous! *except Nikki, who also made out like a bandit at Mommychats ;) *

For Nikki, to join the piepointers, just visit



Anonymous said...

I am jelous. You ALWAYS win stuff. Why don't I? Oh, yeah, because I never play. Duh, and Doh! ;)

Nikki said...


Nikki said...

My computer is being lame, so I have no clue if my other commento went through. Anyway, so what is pie pointers?? Can I play (asking with my big puppy eyes)?