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Thursday, November 23, 2006

TwiddleDee and TwiddleDum

That is what I should rename my right and left breast! As any mother who has nursed passed a certian age can attest, once they discover twiddling, it's all down hill from there, LOL!!

Jack is a sleepy-time twiddler. He really only does it as his eyelids start to droop, and he's headed to night-night land. I guess twiddling serves a purpose, it makes nurslings feel secure somehow and the action of twiddling can help with milk production. So Jack has his nightly "make sure it's still there" ritual. He starts out patting the other non-nursing at that moment breast, then fingertips only he searches out the nipple. He grasps it, lightly with just fingertips. Usually at this point, I too am dropping of to slumberland, or at least trying to. Now, if I am not too blurry eyed, at this point, I will remove his hand, causing him to start all over again, at the patting stage. But, when I am really tired, sometimes I forget, and then he goes to the next stage, grasp ahold of nipple with iron fist strength, and pull for all he's worth. I think he's attempting to detach it so he can take it with him when he rolls over into the crib! Needless to say, I am now fully awake, and attempting to disengage his fingers, all while not making a sound so I don't wake the rest of the family.

Why, oh why were we given two? Realistically, an infant/toddler can be well fed with only one, and if you have twins, it can be done, it's just a bit MORE of a hassle. But for the rest of us who routinely have singletons, the other one is just showy, hanging out waiting it's turn. Or in my case, waiting for removal at the hands of a sleepy child.

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